Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing marketing activity

Running your own small business can often mean taking on additional roles to those you would normally do had you been employed by someone else.

That’s why SME owners regularly outsource roles required within their business, so they can free up their time to get on with doing what they do best… successfully running their business.

One such role is marketing, which can be outsourced to a freelance marketing manager like Jessica Morris-McKenzie at Marketing Corner. So what are the positives and negatives? We take a look…

What are the advantages of outsourcing marketing activity?

  • Flexibility – if your business’s marketing needs are irregular, then an outsourced marketing manager can provide a flexible solution to step in as and when required, increasing support to align with product launches and greater marketing activity, and reducing support during quieter times in a marketing schedule.
  • Cost – with flexibility comes reduced cost. Instead of needing to take on a marketing manager full time and all of the budget that will need to be set aside for that, a freelancer can be brought in ad hoc, paid for per project, or on a small retainer. Should you business needs change, you can up or reduce the work to your outsourced manager to suit.
  • Marketing team management – even if you take on a marketing manager full time, they will still need to outsource some tasks, for example design or SEO, as “marketing” requires a whole range of skills and expertise that are too much for just one person. A freelancer will already have a team of these complementary experts at their fingertips; fellow freelancers who they trust and can call on to support the needs of your business. They will also be experienced in managing a team of freelancers in this way, so can plan costs and scheduling accordingly. 
  • Contacts – as well as working with freelancers, an outsourced marketing manager will have plenty of contacts up their sleeve to support your business, from journalists for PR to fellow local businesses that your company may have a synergy with.
  • Experience – most freelance marketing managers like Jess will have years of experience in marketing before setting up on their own. This means they have real examples and firsthand knowledge to apply when looking into the marketing needs of your business.
  • Objectivity – rather than getting caught up in the details of your business and the office politics, an outsourced marketing manager will be able to assess your business needs objectively. As someone from the outside they will be able to look at your business with fresh eyes and no preconceived ideas, thinking of new and better ways of managing your marketing.
  • Efficiency – putting in processes to make marketing activity more efficient will be a real benefit of choosing an outsourced manager. Whether its social media scheduling tools or training your staff to do smaller requirements that can be done in-house, they will streamline procedures that save your business time and money.  
  • Innovation – a good freelance marketing manager willhave their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and most effective new marketing strategies, ensuring they put their own time into working out the best new tools to add to their offering. So instead of having someone on your staff who is stuck in their ways, you’ll be gaining from the knowledge your freelance manager has absorbed of the ever-changing marketing landscape.
  • Results – a freelance marketing manager pays their bills on successfully getting results and having their clients’ confidence. So they’ll be working hard for you and doing everything they can to ensure the job they do keeps them on your books for as long as possible.


What are the disadvantages of outsourcing marketing activity?
  • Confidentially – obviously the more people who know the inner workings of your business then the more likely it is there could be a confidentiality breach. But don’t forget, freelancers don’t want to lose your business, so they’ll be staying tight-lipped in a bid to keep working for you. And should you need to disclose anything of particular concern, then you can always ask your freelancers to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • No insider knowledge – a freelancer won’t know your business like someone working from within it. While for some this might be a disadvantage, for others this can provide a person who is an extension of their team but who can view the business more like a customer – and therefore think of ways to target those customers and support their buying journey.
  • Inconsistent support – agency workers notoriously move around, a lot! So you could end up with a lack of consistency from your account manager if you outsource to a marketing agency. That’s why for SME’s having a single point of contact from an independent marketing manager can be a better solution than outsourcing to a marketing agency. A freelance marketing manager like Jess will act as an extension of your team and always be the person to answer your calls and queries. Large agencies might also pass you around to other departments within their business, whereas an independent manager will act as the middle man between other freelancers, managing them on your behalf but being your one point of contact.


To understand more about the role an outsourced marketing manager can have in your business, and the cost, give Jess a call on 07929 905 229 for a no obligation chat.

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