Outsourced Marketing Management

You are running a business and getting overwhelmed and frustrated with marketing.  You are too small to employ a full-time marketing manager but you do need marketing support on a part-time basis.  Outsourced marketing management is the answer!

The Small Business Owner's Marketing Manager

Imagine if you could work alongside another like-minded, business focused professional, that really cares and understands the challenges of managing your business. With Marketing Corner you will get just that!

Rather than fitting your business into a marketing package where you end up with a number of services you are paying for but don’t really want or use, we provide a fully flexible solution to your marketing, that suits you and your business.

As businesses grow and time is squeezed, it is often the case that business owners look to outsource work. Recruiting a dedicated marketing employee may seem appealing, but is the permanent cost to your business just too daunting? Or, maybe are you struggling to find the skill set you require for your business within one individual?

Marketing Manager holding a marketing meeting

Working with a marketing agency is another way to lighten the load, however, the cost, tie in’s and retainers often put small businesses off taking the plunge! Marketing Corner offers another option. With one dedicated point of contact for all your marketing needs, we will act as your internal Marketing Manager, as and when required. Instead of outsourcing parts of your marketing to a social media agency, SEO company and Web agency, Marketing Corner can provide these skills under one roof. 

Whether it’s the creation of your marketing plan you need support with or the implementation of tasks, we will ‘join the dots’ of your marketing. With always a dedicated point of contact and a wealth of independent specialists to call upon when we need them.

We will act as your marketing department with the purpose of keeping your marketing momentum going and making life easier for the business owner. We will work together with you, supporting internal members of staff if required, driving the pace of ongoing activities or simply lightening the load when work builds up.

It all starts with a conversation, why not give us a call and we can discuss how to move your business forward.

What is an outsourced marketing manager?

If you run a small, professional business and don’t have a marketing manager working for you, chances are you need marketing support.  It’s tough running a business as well as managing the marketing, we understand this issue as we too are businesses owners (as well as marketing managers) and appreciate the amount of dedication required to keep the momentum going!

That’s where an outsourced marketing manager fits in! We come into your business as an extended member of your team and work on your marketing on a part-time basis.  Like having an experienced team member for a fraction of the cost.

Marketing Corner’s outsourced marketing management offer include: strategic marketing planning and reviews; campaign management; marketing communication; product launches; brand development; customer experience and pricing.

If you’re not quite sure what marketing support you require, please do get in touch and we will be happy to explain how Marketing Corner can assist.

What type of marketing activities are included?

We appreciate that no 2 businesses are the same.  Each business owner has different goals, desires and budgets.  Our marketing support is completely bespoke and tailored to each business we work with.

The relationship starts with a free discovery call and if we are a good fit, a marketing strategy session is held to determine the best marketing activities for your business.

Types of activity that we can manage and implement for you can include:

What makes Marketing Corner different?


Unlike a marketing agency we are a team of freelance marketing professionals each with at least 10 years’ experience.

great value

Working from home, our marketing managers and consultants have low overheads: creating savings that are passed on to our clients.


Flexibility is the key. We know businesses don’t just operate 9-5 on weekdays and that our clients and team have personal lives too.

dedicated Marketing manager

You’ll have your very own marketing manager who is dedicated to your business so when you call or email it is always them who replies.

Extension to your team

Each Marketing Manager only works with a handful of businesses, getting to know each inside out and working alongside your team rather than separate to it.

no tie-ins

Our clients enjoy all the benefits of having an in-house marketing manager but without the expense or tie-ins.

"The objective of Marketing Management is to create customers who create more customers - Abhimanyu Pugla

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